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Back in 2006 we saw a beautiful set of plans for a resort property in Canmore.  Since we knew the folks involved we had the opportunity to pick a prime location in the building.  ie: away from the elevator, absolutely the best view in the building and of course on the "right side" of the property - (all in all, the best value we could get). 

Since I love to ski and Lyne loves to hike/walk we were looking forward to spending a great deal of time at our Canmore retreat. 

While we were waiting for the property to be completed - and being a tad adventuresome we "ventured" to Panama in Central America.  Well, it seems that I enjoy the ocean as much or more than I enjoy the snow and Lyne just loves walking the beach. 

We took possession of our retreat in Canmore last July but went back to Panama last winter.

To make a long story short, since we are both retired now we want to spend much more time in Panama.  Our dream retreat in Canmore has to go.  We are offering it at a very special price due to economic times, and the fact that we would very much like to head back to Panama this winter. 

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